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PE: Wire-Wrapping

Tue Feb 4, 2014, 3:31 PM

This article is a short introduction to wire-wrapping, including information about wire-wrapping terms and tools, methods, tutorials and a feature of beautiful jewellery.

Machine necklace IV by IMNIUM

:bulletblue: What is wire-wrapping? :bulletblue:

"wire-wrapping" is - like the name implies - a technique where wire is wrapped in whatever way. It can be used to hold gemstones in place, and create intricate jewellery. It has the big plus that soldering isn't neccessary, and therefore all the equipment needed is relatively easy to come by.

:bulletblue:Terms and Tools :bulletblue:

Wire comes in different different sizes and forms, and you can choose between materials as well - you can use brass, copper, silver and gold wire.
Wire diameter is measured in 'gauge' and ranges from 14 gauge (~1/16 inch) to 26+ gauge (1/64 inch), so the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire.
You can also choose between square, round or half-round wire.

Pliers are your main tool for wire-wrapping, because you form the wire with them. There are different kinds of pliers:
  • diagonal cutters to cut wire
  • round nose pliers to create loops
  • flat nose pliers to create rectangular shapes and hold wire
  • chain nose pliers to open and close all kinds of chain links and the like

You can basically use every (gem-)stone you want for wire-wrapping, but some are better suited than others for certain pojects. Popular stones include cabochons (polished, round-shaped gemstone with flat underside) and stone beads.

Ball peen hammer & anvil
Using a hammer is the best way to flatten wire.

Pen & pencil
Great tools for sketching jewellery designs. ;)

Undomiel by taniri

:bulletblue: Techniques :bulletblue:

The techniques mentioned here are often combined with each other and other crafting techniques to create special, unique works of art.

Wire coiling
Wire can be coiled around another wire (left), or into single coils (right).
  Coiled Silver Ring by WiredElements Egyptian Coil Bracelet- Patina by MarieCristine

Wire weaving
Weaving wire together creates a net-like structure.

Playing with a New Weave by sylva Carry Me 2 by sylva

Herringbone weave
A special style of weaving wire around single beads.

serpentine herringbone bracelet by BacktoEarthCreations

:bulletblue: Tutorials :bulletblue:

Freeform Wrap Tutorial by tanyquil Simple Wire Wrap Tree Tutorial by magpie-poet <da:thumb id="108504643"/> Wire Wrapped Cabochon Locket Tutorial by AMyriadVice Intro to Fine Wire Wrapping by innerdiameter The Jeweller's Guide to Baisic Wire Wrapping by pixie-trick Wire-wrapping tutorial by bodaszilvia Jewelry Tutorial - Bloom earrings - part 1 by UrsulaOT Jewelry Tutorial - Bloom earrings - part 2 by UrsulaOT

:bulletblue: Art Feature :bulletblue:

 Copper Wire Kyanite Arm Band by WiredElements Jasper Wire Box Necklace by WiredElements
Summer Romance by FILIGRY seaweeds by MagdalenaMarszalik Idrith by sodacrush Hearts with keys II by ukapala Shellcase by Attackfish
Crystal castle by WhiteSquaw Geometric kaleidoscope pendant 01 by IMNIUM   
 Babylon II- wire wrapped necklace by mea00 BRASS FIBULA by KL-WireDream
Phoenix by blackcurrantjewelry Fiamma - set by BartoszCiba
 Sea Creature by taniri Butterfly Hyles by UrsulaOT
Otchlan Grzechu by litori MAKE MY DAY - pendant by AnnaMroczek
Cyanus by litori Blue Quartz Earrings 2 by FILIGRY
   Blue Magic pendant by Faeriedivine INTIAEELH - silver , turquoise and bronze by LUNARIEEN Frost by AMyriadVice Chelsea's Ammonite Pendant by Nambroth
Verity - set by BartoszCiba Meteorite Pendant by blackcurrantjewelry
Salome 2 by BartoszCiba The Winged Sun necklace by IMNIUM
Diabolique by Laurelis Orange twist by IMNIUM

Thanks for reading! :heart:

An article about wire-wrapping for the Community Wwk at projecteducate :dalove:
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